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Children’s Birthday Party Magician With Six, Solid Guarantees and Is Background Checked

Baltimore MD Magician“I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with both my magic show and customer service. You have my word on it.” -Brandon Freeman, owner Baltimore County Magician

Text or Call:   (443) 630-9007

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All of Magician Brandon Freeman’s Services Are 100{1b0f8cf1357dd4625916df90fea6b02d37c4732b385f7425c1adf8f4565c09b5} Guaranteed

  • Guarantee #1 “Will you please return my call?”

    Yes! When you call Brandon Freeman he will return your telephone call within 24 hours or less.

  • Guarantee #2 “For your convenience not mine”

    Brandon will call you forty eight hours before the date of the show (event) for any last minute details.

    There is no waiting and wondering “when” the magician is going to arrive. Brandon Freeman will give you a time and will be there on time, usually about 20 minutes early in order to introduce himself and get set up for the show.

    He even gives you his unheard of in this industry “comfort call” (this is Brandon will call you when he is 30 minutes away from your location). Brandon Freeman is professional with all his customers.

    Many magicians usually say, “I will be there before the show time.” Then they do not call or even worse they do not show up at all because someone else offered them more money to perform at their event.

    That is annoying and a total waste of your time. But not when you call magician Brandon Freeman, he will be at your event as you and he have agreed.

  • Guarantee #3 “Do not Have the supplies?”

    Many magicians do not stock their vehicle.

    Meaning, when they arrive to the event they need to ask the host (you) for supplies such as extension cords, sound system, a table, et cetera.

    Brandon Freeman arrives to your event fully stocked with materials, so you can rest assured everything runs smoothly (and focus your time on your guests).

  • Guarantee #4 “Price Shock!!!”

    You experience this with many magicians because they charge for “time & materials”… and many magicians want to get paid more, the longer they are there. Huh? What?
    Brandon Freeman wants your repeat business… So he takes the price shock away with FREE UP-FRONT, NO HIDDEN FEES QUOTES!! Plus, his rates are in print; he does not set different fees based on what he thinks one can pay!!!

  • Guarantee #5 “Hardy, Har, Har… Guarantee? What Guarantee?”

    Ask other Baltimore County magicians about their guarantee and you get a blank stare and maybe “if you are lucky” they will
    give you their tail light guarantee (“My magic show is guaranteed until you cannot see the tails lights on my vehicle”).

    With Brandon Freeman, your satisfaction is 100{1b0f8cf1357dd4625916df90fea6b02d37c4732b385f7425c1adf8f4565c09b5} guaranteed. If after 12 minutes of the show, you’re not happy, the guests are not laughing and enjoying themselves…just simply ask me to stop. No hard feelings. I will refund your deposit and there will be no other costs!


    Brandon understands the lifetime value of each customer and he sincerely wants you to be so satisfied you tell your friends, family and co-workers about the amazing and fun magician Brandon Freeman (Most of his business is brought in through referrals).

  • Guarantee #6 “Try Brandon Freeman… You will instantly see the difference!!!”

    Brandon guarantees you will receive customer service beyond expectation!

Text or call (443) 630-9007